Friday, September 4, 2009

Frugal Friday

Okay, okay. I'm switching things around this week. A cousin invited me to a class on shopping smarterer (even without CVS, Katie). I'm now getting coupons and shopping sales. Here's what I bought today, and not all of it was on the best sale or I didn't have coupons for it. BUT ...

We were at Smith's to get Chinese for lunch after a therapy appointment. So I bought produce and some other things on sale there. And I did go to the sara lee thrift store and spent $10 for 8 loaves of granny smith bread and got a 9th loaf free

1 box hefty storage bags
sweet baby ray's bbq sauce (18 oz)
2 doz eggs
2.5 pounds red grapes
One 16-pound watermelon
10 pounds potatoes

9 cans progressive soup (which I think got messed up so I didn't save as much as I could have)
1 noodle bowl (for hubby)
2 tubs frosting
3 boxes nature valley peanut butter granola bars
3 warm delights
3 brownie mixes
2 packages oreos
2 kraft mayo
1 M&Ms
2 boxes capri sun
1 land o lakes spreadable butter
6 cans grands biscuits
4 boxes green giant frozen veggies
16 gerber baby foods (in packs of 2)
2 hot dogs
2 bologna
1 cole slaw

Total spent (except for the bread): $64.26
Total saved: $93.73 (between coupons and sales)

Also generated $13.25 in catalina coupons from albertsons ($13.25 off my next shopping trip)

I'm sure in the coming months I'll do better, but I'm pretty proud of myself.


stewbert said...

OH, we have meats in the freezer and rice adn things to eat, too. This is just what I spent this week. Next week, I'll probably just get proteins.

Kristina P. said...

I keep seeing women who are doing the coupon thing and it never ceases to amaze me! I am too lazy, I think.

I hope you're doing OK! You haven't seemed to be blogging as much lately. As if I'm one to talk. :)

Grace Tyler said...

That's a lot of food!!! good job.

kadyb said...

A Consumer Reports article I read recently showed that CVS was more expensive than other stores on a lot of things, so even though CVS is doing great coupon offers, it always pays to do comparison shopping.

We don't have CVS here, so the only time I go there is when we're in VA, and that's usually just to pick up a few items like CF Diet for me and cookies for Dad, so I can't tell you anything from my experiences there.

Good job on the shopping and savings.

stewbert said...

Yep, CVS and Walgreens are generally more expensive, but Katie has gotten amazing deals where things were free or nearly so, and I've saved money at Walgreens on a few things here and there, though the deals aren't generally quite as good.