Monday, September 7, 2009

the garage has been overrun by furniture!

The 27-inch TV I bought 5 years ago and the entertainment center in which it resided got moved to the garage in January, in preparation for the baby's blessing. We had to make room for people to be able to sit and eat and visit in our tiny house. And we haven't missed the TV since. We do watch movies and some TV on the one that lives in my bedroom (which the husband had before we got married and is slightly smaller than the one in the garage), but not often as the husband is sleeping during the day when the kids want to be watching it, and at night, we're both working and the kids are sleeping.

So I listed the TV and entertainment center on KSL Saturday night. The TV got sold today! When the guy came to get it, I asked if he wanted the couches DisGrace gave us (long story, they were free to them from someone else, etc.), and he said his son just got married and probably needed them, but he'd call and let me know later. He took a picture and left with the TV (after giving me cash for the TV, of course). He just called. They're coming back later to get the couches! Going to someone who needs them, awesome. (hope that's okay, DisGrace -- I know I told you on the phone, but you said you needed to ask D, and then I didn't hear ... and ... well, I felt like I should ask him if he needed them).

The car will be able to be parked in the garage again, hallelujah.

As part of the garage reclamation project, I went through a box of old toys while waiting for this gentleman to pick up the TV. I found some of Kiddo's old toys that she couldn't bear to part with 4 years ago, because, "I want to save them for my baby bruver or sister." Four years ago, I was so single I could've been a nun. But I humored her and put them in a box and I haven't really thought of them since. Not even when I met the husband 3-1/2 years ago or when I found out I was pregnant with the toddler! lol. I found them today, gave them to the kids, and they are both playing quite happily with them. Old toys become new again, and the children are thrilled.

The husband will be too once he realizes I didn't go out and spend more money. haha.

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