Thursday, August 27, 2009

Friday Fave Five!!!

1. Kiddo is going on an overnight class trip next week. I remember going to the same place but for longer when I was her age. So excited, she'll have a lot of fun. Also nervous. lol.

2. The car saga: It is no longer overheating since the radiator, and the tranny flush means the tranny is functioning better as well. They finally found the oil leak this morning and finally heard the creaking in the front end. They will be fixing that stuff next week and giving me a loaner car again for the duration. Love the extended warranty -- it's covering it all. We may get our money's worth for it after all.

3. Using my mom's sewing machine ... mine is in the shop (i'm not even going to think about what else needs to be fixed around here), so I get to use her nicer one she has at her house here. (she lives in another state but has a house here). It's super nice. Very helpful in finishing a quilt a friend commissioned me to do. Thank you mom and disgrace!

4. Kiddo is learning to change the dishwasher in a more timely fashion. It helped to write "hug your parents" on her chore chart as her chore twice a day. bwahahaha

5. Mojo is learning to stand on his own - he can, he just chooses not to. He *almost* took a step today, but decided to sit at the last minute and crawl instead. stinker.

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The Boob Nazi said...

Ugh, I remember when I had to do the dishes as a chore. Shoot me.