Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lazy Mama

My husband told me very lovingly tonight that I'm lazy. The worst of it is, I couldn't argue with him.

Those who know me well know that if something doesn't come easily to me, I'm not likely to work at it. Unless I'm really, really motivated.

Music always came to me, not super easily, but it wasn't like the struggle I watched other folks go through to learn a piece or a new instrument. Once I'd learned the notes and techniques, it snowballed from there. So I would ditch band and orchestra in high school and show up for the rehearsal before the concert and play my solos and no one could gripe because they were done right.

College anatomy was a breeze to me ... good thing because I don't think I would've worked at it if it hadn't been. My "withdraw" from chemistry is proof. They were both required for my major. ha.

I'm not so motivated to pick up Tongan or Spanish or any other language really. They aren't that easy for me to really learn -- I can learn pronunciation just fine. My mother-in-law and the sisters in their ward were surprised I could sing the hymns in Tongan with the right accent and diphthong usage. I just listened to those around me and mimicked. But I had no idea what the words meant! I still haven't learned much beyond "'Ofa 'atu," which means "I love you."

Knitting is the only thing I've tried in the recent past that hasn't been super easy (aside from mother/wife/gospel things). My sister made the CUTEST bag, so I had to try it too. I ripped that sucker out about 50 times before I got it to look right. It's completely knitted, but I need to make a liner and stitch it together. Then I'll post pictures. But I worked HARD on it.

Anyway. We were discussing playing card games. We game with some of his friends sometimes. I'm barely learning the rules. I have bad luck and can't play anything for turns on end, and by the time I can, they've killed me. I nearly cried the first time. lol. It's not easy for me, so I haven't played them much or learned much about them.

So yes, dear, you can call me lazy as pertains to my motivation level on certain things. If you try to call me lazy as it pertains to my job, housework, or caring for you or our children, well, it's a good thing you have a huge life insurance policy. That's all I'm saying.

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