Monday, August 17, 2009

True Story, by Mojo.

I only *look* cute and innocent.

Yesterday at church, I behaved until Daddy went home. He wasn't feeling well and I know Mommy was tired from working until late, so I did my best to try and convince her to take me home with him, but she wouldn't.

First I whined and cried and punched my sister.

Mommy just took me out in the hall.

She didn't even take me home during Sunday School, when I went from playing with my toys and feeling the carpet on the wall to smearing people with soggy cheerios and pushing a man's wheelchair into a wall and shaking him to pieces. Those wheels were awesome, dangit! I couldn't resist!

Mommy sure moved fast to get our stuff and get me out of there. We still just went into the hall!

Or in Relief Society, when I tried to rip up hymn books and pulled the beautiful blond hair of the sister in front of us. More than once.

Mommy yanked me out of there just as fast as I pulled that hair.

But I stayed stuck in that darn hall!

All of you at church laugh and say how cute I am, when all mommy wants to do is put me back to bed and cry. I pushed her buttons good yesterday. Score!

Then our home teacher came over. His little boy is my age, so he didn't mind the gooey pretzel smashed on his pants so much or me ripping up his pretty magazine. I hope.

I can't wait until NEXT Sunday. Mommy says I don't get to go to church. She's going alone with Sister because it's some temple dedication or something. That means I get to be home alone with Daddy and drive HIM crazy!

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kadyb said...

Haha! Think how much more fun he'll be when he starts walking! Haha! Go, Mojo!! Cute outfit. :) Love from Nana