Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Fave Five!!!

1. Little Mister has learned to climb up on the couch. It's quite cute how he does it ... picture a tiny toddler standing next to the couch, then hiking his right foot up so he's almost doing the splits, then heaving with his hands and foot with all his might to get the rest of his body up there. Yep. It's funny. Only now he's trying to go over the back of it too, so not safe. *sigh*

2. This picture of my nephew.

3. The Architect's 8-year-old daughter slept over last night. She and kiddo had a lot of fun and played with Mojo a lot, so I did indeed get a break, even with an extra child in the house. She's a sweetie and helped me feel better about something B.A.D. that happened to me. lol.

4. Finishing projects. Like this.

5. The rain and clouds that came in the last couple days, cooling down the valley. *love*

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