Friday, August 7, 2009

No wonder Chrysler is going out of business...

I took my car in to the dealership to get a few things looked at. Just a comedy of errors.

First was the oil change.


They put it back the way I wanted and I took it in the next week for new tires and a couple other things: warranty item, new transmission fluid, and our "overheating" light keeps going off.

They had to order parts. No problem. They would be there that afternoon.

They broke the warranty item installing it (rear window).

They had to order a new one, which wouldn't be there that afternoon.

They also had to order tires. They would be there in two days. No problem, they don't take long to install.

They got one in correctly and the other was the wrong size. They had to re-order it. It was supposed to be there Monday (4 days ago). I went back in on Tuesday. It wasn't there. It got there Wednesday instead. I didn't have time Wednesday or Thursday to get it taken care of, so I had hubby take it back first thing this morning.

The coolant/overheating issue: They told me was caused by low fluid, after pressure checking the whole system. Or so they said. They topped it off and charged me $90 for the opportunity to look at my vehicle and sent me on my way. It was still doing it. So when it went back this morning, I had them look at that, too.

By 2 this afternoon, I still hadn't heard anything. I called and left a message. No return of my voice mail. I called again at 3, and found out there actually was a problem in the system (duh) -- first they thought water pump (ack) but then the radiator cap failed the pressure check (remember, the one they said they did last week? yeah, I don't think they really did it.). Anyway. They replaced it and said, "we didn't charge you labor for this since I already did, just for the cap." Okay. Thanks. I arrived to pick up the car, and had a feeling I needed to check the tires before I drove away.

The front tire was new, but the back tire (the one they were supposed to replace and rotate to the front) was still the old bald tire. I insisted they fix it, as the former front tire had tread and no bald spots. They did and apologized.

It now creaks when going over bumps in a way I don't remember it doing before. I asked hubby to let me know if he thinks it's any different.

As for the overheating problem, the temperature gauge still went up ... but not to overheating ... and then dropped per its current normal. I popped the hood when I got home. The radiator cap was on securely, but the cap to the reservoir was wide open. I snapped it closed and am crossing my fingers that's the end of it.

Then I came in the house and read the note from the tech. "have the customer not add any coolant and if it happens again, bring it in immediately." that would've been nice to have heard from the service adviser -- what if I wasn't such a reader and just went on my merry way? *sigh*



Kristina P. said...

What a pain in the butt!

steph k said...


I so love my VW mechanics... worth every blasted penny I pay them. :D

kadyb said...

So, if I were to guess, I'd say this dealership doesn't make your Friday Fave Five list this week?? Glad to hear you're making some progress, but it's a good thing you're checking on everything they're doing or say they're doing.

Anonymous said...

I almost did a Friday NOT Five ... because of something really sad yesterday and this, but decided that was reverse good vibes. So didn't.

stewbert said...

blast. how did that happen?

Anonymous said...

THIS is why I swapped out my GMC Visa for a dividend reward one.

With the way the company is going, I'd be lucky to purchase the last rivet off the factory floor with my oodles of $$ that the Visa actually grants.