Wednesday, April 1, 2009

So, viruses suck

And I don't just mean of the human variety.

For those not in the know, my laptop (y'know, the one hubby bought me for christmas, the really nice VAIO) got a trojan Monday. It is currently living at the PC hospickle. The PC doctor says it has a very nasty virus that doesn't want to leave the host, so it's still there.

I kinda figured that, when antivirus AND spyware couldn't get rid of it.


So, I went and bought a little Acer Aspire One, because it has XP on it and I need XP for work. My mommy has one, too, but hers is pink, so it's better than mine. I like it just fine and got it to sync to a normal monitor, so I don't go blind using it. BUT it doesn't have enough memory to run everything I need for work and one of the USB ports on mine is faulty, so as soon as the VAIO gets home from the hospickle, it's going back.

Then I'm going to have support at work build me a PC there and rent it from them and just have the VAIO for backup at work ... and be able to write and game and stuff just on the VAIO. woohoo!

(did I say VAIO enough in this post?)


Kristina P. said...

Computer viruses are the worst!

steph k said...

I'm so glad I'm basically virus immune. :) I need to get a PC though... bleh.