Saturday, April 18, 2009

Holy HIVES Batman

So, I put the baby to bed early last night because he was sooooooo tired. Crawling must use a lot of energy or something, because the day before he had a 4 hour nap, getting up at 6 p.m., and still went to bed by 9. Wild.


Last night, he woke up screaming an hour later. I noticed his forehead and cheeks were a little red, figured he was a little overheated, and took him in to my husband to watch while I finished up the report I was typing. Finished that, went to the bathroom, blah bla blah ... Got back in with the baby and the husband and hubby said, "He has a rash on his cheeks." "He what?" So I start inspecting baby.


I told hubby, and we took him to the ER. They gave him Benadryl (an antihistamine) and Decadron (an antiinflammatory), watched him for about an hour, and sent us home with instructions to get some Benadryl and give it to him every 6 hours if there is a rash/hives, but to bring him back in immediately if he started having trouble breathing or something. And to let his pediatrician know about it.

Not a problem, right? Except apparently, according to new label warnings, Benadryl isn't supposed to be used in children under two anymore (or to make them sleepy, but that's another subject).

After hemming and hawing about it all night (and checking on him every 30 minutes for rashes/breathing/cyanosis), I gave him some more when more hives erupted this morning, 12 hours after the first episode, because really ... controlling the allergic reaction and making sure he doesn't DIE, following the ER's orders, is more important. Plus, my nephew Bubba had taken it when he was tiny and he's still alive, so I figure he's safe enough.

I'll call the doctor on Monday.

I'm just glad it happened *before* hubby left for work with our only car, and that his boss and mine were understanding about why we didn't work last night.


The Boob Nazi said...

awww poor baby.

Kristina P. said...

Poor little guy! I've had hives once, and it was miserable!

steph k said...

maybe there is something in his bed....

stewbert said...

Maybe. He was fine all night. The hives this morning didn't appear until about 20 minutes after he got up. But I do intend to wash all his bedding today. Wooo.

Cupcake said...

Is he crawling around on the carpet? My skin is sensitive enough that if I am on carpet that I get a reaction from it.

stewbert said...

Carpet had occurred to me. I'll have to talk with his doctor Monday.

Drat, now we'll have to put in the hardwood floors I want ... bwahaha.

Rockelle said...

I have to say...I DONT miss the baby part...poor you! nad poor him!
I rmemebr those Nights with nathans earaches!

evitafjord said...

We still use Benadryl too - Sam would never sleep from itching some nights from his allergy skin. It's the only thing besides steroids that helps.