Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Momday

Yeah, so baby boy has double ear infections. Explains why he doesn't want to be put down and why he only wants to sleep sitting up (on me of course) and why he's so unhappy. *sigh* Poor bug. Hopefully the drugs kick in soon and he starts to feel better.

As far as chore wars goes, so i know everyone else in my group seems to have given up on this, but i'm going to do it anyway. so if any of you check back in, I'm there, trying to get my house back in order after having a sick baby for a while again. woo. and if anyone else wants to join, just lemme know and I'll get you a link.

Seems as though Mr. Grumpy Pants wants me again *surprise* so I'm going to try *again* to get him back to sleep. Fortunately, he's not screaming, just fussing a bit. yay.


Katz said...

Poor baby! Ear infections are miserable.

I keep forgetting about Chore Wars. It's our homepage on Firefox, and I always think I'll put my stuff in after I do something else. Then, I never go back. I'm such a slacker. Good for you for keeping up.

stewbert said...

Well, I did slack quite a bit adn the house definitely showed it! crazy how just getting points *somewhere* makes me do better at house work!