Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Fave Five!

Today's friday fave five is in honor of ... my birthday!

1. Kaje took me to lunch last week. Soooooooo good. Love that chicken green chile salad from Bajio (of course, now we're wondering if there's something in the salad that caused baby's hives ... hahahaha). She also gave me a yummy smelling bath scrub ... I've only used it once (Monday) and my skin is still softer than normal from it. LOVE it.

2. Kiddo woke me up this morning with a present: An aluminum foil box she'd made the perfect length for pens for my desk, with two origami creations inside. She's so funny.

3. Mom sent money. I got new nursing bras. Hallelujah! The girls (and my back) are so much happier.

4. DisGrace bought me some yarn. I'm in a "use up your stash and don't buy more stuff" game with my online sewing forum gals until mid-May, so everything I've created lately has come from my fabric and yarn stash at home. Her gift doesn't count against me (fortunately) and it will be used in projects that are ongoing. Plus we're going to lunch Monday, can't wait.

5. Hubby took us to dinner at Winger's, which is where we went on our very first date. Then we drove up past the temple where we took our girls right after he'd proposed the first time (I hadn't said yes yet) and later got married.

And that's that. Yay for birthdays! hehe.

p.s. I'm old. I'm 33 and found more wrinkles. Must remember to apply wrinkle cream every night before bed. And floss my teeth. oy.


Katz said...

Awww... Happy Birthday, Stew!

MamaBear said...

that's right, floss!

i am such a preacher these days! but i always have been passionate about what i'm doing, changes i'm making. lol.

i'm at 3 days in a row - haven't eaten yet today.

Kristina P. said...

Happy birthday!

And I am totally doing a post about wrinkles.

I turn 31 next month, and I've never really worried about them, until now.