Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The packing has begun

We will be moving somewhere sometime in August, hoping to be a bit settled in before school starts. We have officially packed 3 boxes of bedding (which we won't need until winter) and 4 boxes of fabric. I have a few totes of fabric that I need to go through, but things are started.

That may not seem like much progress, but remember, I have a 17-day-old baby! lol

If you are local to me and know of a rental in the south end of the valley, that will fit our family and be $800/month or less and available in about 6 weeks, lemme know. I've found a few online, but they're gone before I call. c'est la vie.



Kristina P. said...

YOu have started packing early! Good for you!

steph k said...

wow! are you excited?!

Wonder Woman said...

I assume you mean the SL valley. If you want south in the South valley, you can rent my house! We're charging more, but only because it's gotta cover our mortgage. Seriously, though. If you want a place in Spanish Fork, let me know.

you already have more packed than I do. :p

Rockelle said...

did you sell your condo?