Sunday, June 6, 2010

A little Sunday stuff

Baby girl really doesn't want to come out -- I keep contracting, but nothing is happening. Woo. That's obnoxious.

Little Mister's favorite word these days is "shut," while he shuts doors, drawers, dishwashers ... but the "u" comes out "i" so it sounds like he's swearing. It makes me giggle.

Kiddo made some yummy brownies tonight, though didn't wait for them to cool completely OR use the appropriate cutting utensil (she used a spatula), so they aren't presentable for the husband to take to his game night. Guess I'll have to eat them all.

Little Mister had a freak out after I started dinner and would only calm down sitting in my lap, so the husband finished making it and even heated up a vegetable! Without me asking him to! Yay husband!

The kids and I did make it to sacrament meeting today, though I didn't hear much. Lots and lots of loves from the ward stopped and asked me when I was due or why the baby wasn't here yet or when she was coming. Little Mister and I left after that and had a nap, though mine was punctuated by 2-minute apart contractions. And yet, here it is, 9 hours later, and nothing has happened.

I'm trying not to be bitter.


Tyson, Katie and Amelia said...

I can't believe your contractions are 2 minutes apart. You should be in a hospital.

Kristina P. said...

Holy cow! I think you will have her tomorrow.

Jessica G. said...

My old roommates swears by Castor Oil. She covers the taste with a Frosty.