Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Fave Five!

1. I made it to term with this baby.

2. I have an induction date scheduled, so even if she chooses not to come before then, it will be all over soon. I just hope I'm not having these painful contractions 3-7 minutes apart, a lot in my back, for the next 7 days. Really hoping they turn into something more, but baby girl has a swimming pool in there still, so they may not.

3. DisGrace took Kiddo swimming today, and she's spending the night. I think Kiddo needed the break from being "mini mom" and I needed the break from the attitude.

4. Little Mister and I took a 2-hour walk -- 1 hour around the neighborhood in the heat, and 1 hour around Walmart. Hoping the walk helps baby girl engage and come out, but thrilled it made me feel better as far as moving my body goes. I've been a lazy, lazy woman lately.

5. The husband is learning to handle things a bit better and upped his medication on his own when he noticed he wasn't doing very well. Good for him.

Off to try and put the tired toddler to bed. Two hour walks, even though he wasn't walking, wear him out apparently.

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MamaBear said...

congratulations on making it to term! it will be so great to get princess out, you will forget all about it within a few years. ;) can't wait to meet your next beautiful baby.