Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Monday

Kiddo fed Little Mister some cheerios and then took him to the park while I slept this morning. When I got up, I made eggs for everyone (except the baby) and then Little Mister wanted his nap. Baby K was sleeping, so the house was quiet for about an hour! I couldn't sleep then because I'd slept in, but I did manage to finish my book and give the baby's bili lights back to the driver who came to get them. (She started lights on Monday for an elevated bilirubin/jaundice. We've been to the hospickle almost every day since for checks, but she's good now.)

Little Mister woke up IN.A.MOOD. But he's better now. Kiddo is making mac and cheese for lunch (the husband is sleeping so we don't have to worry about him, and LM might just get a peanut butter sandwich) and I have the baby in a sling and am nursing at the computer while I catch up on a few things. Like a blog. haha.

It's been rough for the Little Man to have to share me. We've been working on his sleep schedule and getting him back to normal, but at night he has the hardest time going down again. Turns out he wants and needs some alone time with me, so we've been reading more stories and cuddling and then he goes down pretty easily, though bedtime is taking longer overall. The husband and Kiddo are both helping out a lot with the baby during his bedtime, and I *think* it's helping Little Mister adjust to not being "the baby" anymore.

My mom just reminded me this morning that when DisGrace (my eldest sister) was Kiddo's age (10), they had 6 kids, and *I* was the 2-year-old. While I am glad I don't have 6 kids right now (because that would mean I would have seriously gone against my beliefs), it did make me think again about how HE is feeling and that he will be okay eventually, but I'd dang well better have some sympathy for him. lol

Ack. He just found the candy stash -- nerds are about to be everywhere. Have a great Monday!

p.s. Nerds rescued. Just had to come and say as of this morning, I'm 32 pounds lighter than I was 10 days ago. And that makes me 10 pounds lighter than I was when I got knocked up. I'm really looking forward to when I can get back to the gym and get my muscles more toned so I can actually wear my prepregnancy clothing. lol


Kristina P. said...

So, getting pregnant is actually a diet, huh?

The Boob Nazi said...

I really want mac n cheese.

Jessica G. said...

I was gonna comment...until I saw how much weight you've already lost. Now i'm just gonna go cry into my slice of chocolate cake...