Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Fave Five! or Six ...

1. Baby K was almost back to her birth weight yesterday at not quite 2 weeks old, just shy of it by a couple of ounces. My other kids both took about 3 weeks, so this makes me happy. [for those not in the know: all babies lose some weight in the beginning, especially if they are breast fed because it takes a few days for mom's milk to come in. most medical professionals prefer babies to have regained all that weight by 2 weeks of age.]

2. Little Mister is adjusting okay to baby K and all the changes, though his bedtime is still messed up. BUT, I didn't freak out last night and just planned on putting him to bed later than his norm, but earlier than he has been since she got here. Neither of us got frustrated, and I didn't yell at anyone or hide.

3. The husband is getting more involved with all the kids, but especially with Little Mister. Since the boy refuses to let me or Kiddo get him dressed for the day or for bed, the husband gets to do it. He's not getting as overwhelmed as he had been and things seem to be going well, and when he needs a break he tells me and leaves for a bit instead of just freaking out. He worked last night for the third night in a row, and seems to be doing okay though is a tad beat up because his crew is all new (again) and they haven't been finishing, so he's trying to help pick up the slack. Still waiting on immigration to get back to us about his green card renewal so he can get registered for school, but overall he seems to be doing better than he was during my pregnancy.

4. Kaje brought us lunch yesterday, had a good visit with us, and got to hold the baby between nursings. Little Mister even gave her a hug before she left, and when she walked to her car, he yelled, "WAIT!" lol. It was cute. Kiddo was great, tidied up a bit before she got here, and even offered Kaje a drink without prompting.

5. Kiddo is the mini mom and has been doing a lot of cleaning, cooking, cuddling the baby, and caring for Little Mister. She's really a wonderful kid.

6. I love my baby and all my kids and husband, but the changes are hard and I've been overwhelmed a lot lately with everything. I had a meltdown the other night and emailed my mommy about it, and she called me right away. I got to talk to her for a while and it helped a lot. I'm glad she just let me talk and didn't try and fix things or make me feel better. Just her listening until I ran out of steam made me feel a million times better. I'm glad she's my mom.

If anyone local wants to come meet baby K, we are up for visitors. Just give us a call or email!

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The Boob Nazi said...

Wait, green card renewal? I thought you automatically got one when you married a citizen?