Sunday, November 29, 2009

Welcome, Welcome, Sunday Morning

The husband had to work yesterday daytime instead of last night (I don't know why they're messing with his sleep so bad ...), so he got to go to church today.

But first, he decided to cut his own hair. He needed it -- he was a bit shaggy. I helped trim around the edges and really should make him let me even it out a bit on top, but he's happy, he went to church, he even wrestled Little Mister during Sacrament meeting so I could listen. I'm not going to make waves.

Anyway. The last few weeks at church, Little Mister has gone up to any man wearing a suit or white shirt and tie and asked to be held. When Daddy came out of our bedroom, having shaved his beard and cut his hair, wearing a white shirt and tie, Little Mister *ran* for him and asked to be held. When we were walking from the car to the church (hush, I know the church is right next to the development, but we live in the back), Little Mister insisted on Daddy carrying him, and kept turning around to look at Daddy. He had to sit on his lap during Sacrament meeting, too, and wouldn't let Daddy out of his sight. It was SO cute.

After Daddy left after Sacrament meeting (he has to work tonight so needed more sleep), Little Mister didn't ask random strangers to hold him. YES!