Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Fave Five!

1. Old Navy's half off outerwear sale: Bought a few online for the husband to try in tall sizes (which they don't carry in the store) and one for the little man. I'll just take back whatever doesn't work when they all get here. I bought one for Kiddo at Costco, but she hasn't seen it yet. bwahaha.

2. My mommy bought me a sleeved blankie that is better than a snuggie -- it's made of Minkee and is super soft ... so hopefully I can quit freezing at night while I'm working!

3. Little Mister didn't get hurt when he shattered a glass pan while I was making dinner. Whew.

4. Phenergan. It is helping a lot. Take it before bed and before naps and I'm mostly functional again, though do still get hit by waves of nausea.

5. I *finally* got a new secondary account at work. This is a big thing -- my text expander (a must in my line of work) won't work with the platform my old secondary went to, so they had to do something. Hurrah!

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