Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Reasons why 9-year-olds are ... difficult.

They think it's fun to pinch on St. Patrick's Day. Then, when they annoy someone on the home-bound bus who didn't wear green and is obviously sick to death of being bothered about it, they wonder why that person bops them on the head (repeatedly) with a hard-covered book until they cry.


Or, y'know, when mom is busy being sick at home and the 9-year-old in question is playing at the park, and some of mom's friends (who are the moms of the 9-year-old's friends) are there and tell her to go get her mom to come play, instead of saying, "she's not feeling well," she tells the world, "mom has diarrhea and she's not coming outside."

*double sigh*

Then there's the whole attitude preteen stuff going on ... and refusal to clean her room ... oy.

I just keep reading my former post and reminding myself she IS a good kid.


MamaBear said...

LMBO! "mom has diarrhea and she's not coming outside." well, at least you won't have to tell anyone how you've been feeling!

SQA Maven said...

Hey, I've had children much older than 9 announce my health issues to the world. You know who you are!

stewbert said...

*innocent look* I have no idea of whom you are speaking.