Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's sunny and warm out!

well, not right now. I guess right now it's pretty dark and maybe chilly ... but it was warm and sunny and beautiful outside today.

So when bambino wouldn't take his nap and just kept yelling at me this afternoon, I put him in the stroller and just started walking. He slept for about 15 minutes, and then the bus dropped off kiddo. He never did go back to sleep.

I was sort of hoping for a repeat of last night, when I put him to bed at 7 and he didn't wake up again until 3:30 this morning (honestly, I was worried and kept checking to make sure he was breathing, lol). I put him down at 6:45, fell asleep with him, woke up at 7:30 (thankfully; my visiting teachers came at 8), and he slept until 11:30, nursed, and went back to sleep. Too bad I didn't use my time more wisely -- I could be done with work for the night. Bah. Guess I'm going to have to get more focused. *sigh*

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