Saturday, March 21, 2009

My favorite things

Chubby little hands patting my cheeks and stroking my arms while my baby nurses and falls asleep

Chubby little arms reaching up from play just for a hug, then the chubby little body squirming to get back down and play some more\

Chubby feet that clap

The cutest toothless grins and infectious giggles

Funny little sounds from the sweetest baby as he's proud of himself for grabbing things (most of which he shouldn't have) or rolling over or scooting around the floor

Slobbery kisses from a tiny sweet mouth

Baby's "nurse me" signal: Chubby little hands grabbing my face and holding it still, then tiny lips sucking on my cheek, then giggling

Baby learning to sleep alone (both good and sad)

Kiddo's willingness to help with her brother and let me nap

Kiddo asking me to cut her hair and letting me do it (she trusts me!)

Kiddo becoming more responsible

Kiddo asking while I was awake whether she could paint her nails (no, but she asked and minded! some of you may remember the last time she asked ... while i was sleeping ... and she ended up painting the floor, the sink, the cupboards, the countertop ... ahem)

Seeing friends who moved far away. Miss them. Lots.

Authentic tamales. Man, I hope they come down for Christmas again. I'll *buy* the tamales. lol.

Water. Lots and lots of water

brain is not computering anymore. and i need to work. byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Kristina P. said...

I may be afraid of newborns, but I do love me some chubby babies.1

stewbert said...

newborns are kind of scary ... they're so dang helpless. but they're sweet in their own way, too. very snuggly.