Saturday, February 28, 2009

Updates on goals

So, I realize some of these are quite lofty and I haven't even started, but I am making some progress. Behold the honesty of my "resolutions" fulfilled and not. ha.

*Sew something weekly, even if it is just *one* ornament for Christmas next year -- I have been sewing or crocheting or something every week
*Complete one unfinished project a month -- I have so far finished hubby's afghan and baby's quilt. Those are the two big ones I can think of, and since it's two months into the year ... I'm happy. Mom finished kiddo's dress, so it's off my list, too. woohoo!
*New clothes as I shrink out of my current ones -- n/a
*New shoes as I need new ones -- n/a
*Girl time as needed -- Went to craft night and had fun. Have more stuff scheduled, like lunch with college friends on Monday and more crafting later in the month.

Physical Health:
*Shower and floss my teeth daily -- Getting better at it, not perfect
*Move daily (walk or DVD or similar) -- Not even close, but had been walking more until the sick stuff hit.
*Quit Pepsi/Coke/caffeine intake -- DONE. Haven't had any in over a month!!!
*Cook and eat healthy again -- Doing better with this usually. Menus help.

*****I did speak with a personal trainer and he gave me some good advice. I just need to implement it!

*15 minutes in scriptures daily -- nope. I am still working on putting this back into my routine.
*Church every week (barring illness) -- I have gone more, but feel like a slacker lately because we've been sick, but it's still better than it was since I'm only missing when illness is a factor.
*Get my temple recommend renewed -- Woohoo!!! Done!
*Attend the temple with my husband -- Haven't done this yet.

*Do one fun thing a week with kiddo, even if Mojo has to go or be there -- Still not every week, but I am trying to make more time for her
*Try to do one fun thing a week with kiddo without Mojo, even if we're just at home and he's sleeping or something -- Same.
*Date my husband -- ... No date yet, but we have spent more time talking and chilling together
*Take some time off for the family reunion in July to spend with my family of origin as well as my little family -- n/a
*Get Mojo's crib put up again and *him sleeping in it* -- Well, this was a bust. We did get the crib up, but no luck on him sleeping in it. He is sleeping by himself most of the time, however, on a futon mattress in his own room. This week, not so much, because he is so sick and, once again, choking in his sleep. Poor bug.

*Spend an hour a day on housework, including putting laundry away as it comes out of the dryer -- That's all I'm saying.
*Plan a menu and stick to it -- Have been much better with this.
*Eat out once a month or less -- Not even close ... way, way, way too much.
*Spend 15 minutes decluttering every day, even if I have to throw things away -- Not every day, but I have been working on this as well.
*Get the garage door painted -- not yet
*Carpets cleaned -- not yet
*Touch up paint or re-paint throughout -- not yet

*Hit my work goals (900 lines a day 6 days a week) -- doing better, although not where we need me to be yet.
*Pay off the credit card, hospickle, and car (total debt: 15K) -- we have paid down the hospickle, some, but also paid cash for the dryer instead of adding to the debt. still working on this. may decide to hold off paying off the car and save for a van instead.
*Tithing every paycheck -- it's been pulled out every check, but not turned in because of the sick stuff. soooooo ... still working on this.


So that's my goals update. I'll update again in a month or so.


Kristina P. said...

Great list! I admit that if I have no where to be, like on a Saturday, I don't shower. Boo.

The Boob Nazi said...

It seems like you're doing great! Way to go.

stewbert said...

:) Thanks.

I probably should've explained ... when I'm depressed I just don't shower as often (still usually every couple of days), and when the baby was born ... wow, it was even harder to get it done every day. Hence the goal. lol.