Friday, February 20, 2009

The Dryer (and a fave five)

I ended up going to Sears. Why? It was on sale, free delivery and haul away of the old dryer, and they had the best price on the consumer reports best model in our price range. So ... while I probably could have gotten a cheaper price on a dryer at Costco or somewhere else, it might not have been what I wanted, AND we would have had to transport and haul the old one away (which is hard to do without a truck). I hope I'm as happy with the purchase when it gets here as I am right now.

Friday Fave Five!!!
1. Old friends on facebook ... It's been great to connect, and through facebook, I found a PT (who I knew when he was like 4 years old -- he still has the same smile, looks the same, only bigger. and hairier). He had some great suggestions and brought me a DVD to try and his book to read. Some great info in there -- haven't read it all, just getting into it now. But I'm excited.
2. Learning wisdom about finances ... if the dryer had died a year ago, I would not have been able to replace it. Period. We would have been using a laundromat or gone into debt to buy a new one. This year, even if I hadn't had any extra from the tax return (which didn't quite cover the entire purchase), we had more than enough put aside to cover the dryer. So, the new dryer, while more expensive than we'd planned, was paid for in cash. It is the *only* new appliance I've ever purchased (aside from what came with the house, which was just the stove and microwave), and I'm so happy it's paid for. And has a warranty.
3. My sweet baby boy is babbling and talking a lot lately. It's cute and makes me smile. Even when I have a headache.
4. The generosity of friends. Like I said, the old dryer was a gift. Steph has been so kind and generous to us over the years -- I'm not quite sure if she knows just what a blessing she is in my life, so I thought I'd embarrass her here. THANK YOU, Steph, for being you. You are wonderful. (she's not my only generous friend; there are many others, but I've been thinking about her generosity and kindness a lot lately. like every time I get dressed because I have a fabulous top to wear).
5. Getting things finished. Like hubby's afghan, Mojo's quilt, DD's dress (snicker), and other various projects.

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