Friday, February 13, 2009


1. A federal tax return that is more than enough to pay what I owe in state taxes. ha.

2. I know, I've pimped this website before, but if you struggle with house work and are somewhat of a geek (or competitive at all), Chore Wars might just help. I have always been embarrassed at having people over because the house is usually a wreck. But when I see my points going up every day and see that my friends and family are getting stuff done, too, it makes me feel wonderful. I've noticed I have more energy from having a clean(er) house, and kiddo was able to bring home a new friend after school to play twice this week without mom hyperventilating over the disaster. I still have hot spots and it's not perfect, but my house isn't the wreck it has been the past couple of years either. I find myself doing things I typically put off just so I can get the points. Score.

****I got interrupted here, long enough for me to figure out I've changed 9 poopy diapers in 34~ hours, cleaned up more puke than I thought he could produce, and washed most of the bedding ... twice, and then I had a too-short nap with Mr. Poopmeister. My mood changed drastically.

3. Desitin. Saves the baby's butt from diaper rash. Poor bug.

4. Sleeeeeeeeeep.

5. Hot showers.

P.S. I haven't gotten much done on my UFO/WIP of the week, but the week isn't quite over yet ...

P.P.S. When I say poopy diapers, they aren't just poopy like newborn poop. They are *nasty* poopy. I think that's officially the most times I've ever said poop in one post. Poop.


Kristina P. said...

We always get more back in State, rather than federal. And I don't think we're quite even. I think we owe. Boo.

stewbert said...

Boo indeed. :(