Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Finally ...

Everyone is feeling better. Hubbers woke up really sick yesterday and kiddo was off, too. So ... it's been a doubly long weekend with all of us being ill. I'll be glad once the laundry and dishes are caught up again. Let it slide for a day or two and BAM! the house is a mess again. Owell, I know I can whip it back into shape the next couple days.

I had to reschedule my followup echocardiogram (again) because we're all sick (last time was because one-armed BIL, well, had surgery and that's why he's been one-armed ... and sis couldn't take care of the baby because the surgery was the same day as my echo was scheduled). I'll get it done. Soon. Promise.

Next post: What happens when my 9-year-old does her own school project without any help.

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