Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mamabear's comment ... about ...

The pregnant man!

"actually, discover health has been running footage of the "pregnant man", and he/she has some really great musculature too. i'm not thinking about that too hard. see me not thinking about it? (feel free to hijack that topic - can't wait to see the feedback!)"

Okay. I'm hijacking it.

He/she is not a "pregnant man." She is a woman who has taken testosterone and gone under various procedures to LOOK like a man. But her chromosomes are still XX, and she has a uterus and vagina. So she is not a "pregnant man." I don't know why this is so newsworthy and will not watch the show.

No, I'm not opinionated in the least. :P


NG said...

This has been my beef since the story first showed up on the news cycle.

The Boob Nazi said...

I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Born a woman. Now if he/she had a hysterectomy, and he/she still got pregnant, I'd be impressed.

evitafjord said...

It's not like it's a medical miracle or anything. Oy.

Katz said...

ummm... AMEN!

word verification: ainall


MamaBear said...

oh, that irritates me too. this is nothing that exceptional that "he" is pregnant. he was born with girl parts, he kept the ones he needed to have babies, and now he's having babies (b/c his "wife" can't). social mores flying in many directions, sure, but nothing exceptional on a BIOLOGIC level.

i was just surprised to be admiring "his" physique. :D word verification: BULNES

stewbert said...

ahh, now I understand your surprise and hijack challenge.

I'm glad I"m not alone on the "why is this newsworthy?" front. BAH.