Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Fave Five!

1. Kaje got married today!!! She was beautiful, her hubby quite handsome, and S (her son) was bald. I mean, he was cute, but he'd shaved his head. lol. He and Kidlet chased each other around the park for a bit, which was fun, too. They got married at a beach (i'm assuming at a man-made waterfront, since Utah's beaches are ... well ... not very nice and/or quite briny). Anyway. It was lovely. I teared up a bit. It was really hot, though, and after wrestling the baby at the beach for an hour or so (he apparently thinks sand and sticks taste good), I was pooped. Couldn't stay for the reception anyway, but we ducked out before pics and went to the nearest gas station for cold drinks. hahaha.

2. Hubby's therapy and meds are going well. Tahnkfully.

3. Mojo is starting to make more progress toward walking. And getting teeth.

4. Kiddo has been a big help lately. I'm not sure if that's just because she wants money or not though...

5. Back in cloth diapers. Baby got sick while my sibs and 'rents were here a couple weeks ago, so we put him back in sposies for a while. Happily we changed back to cloth a couple of days ago, and he's now doing the cute things he was before, falling on his butt without fear of getting hurt, scooting around in circles on the floor while slurping from his sippy cup, etc. Things he couldn't do in paper diapers. hehe. The fluffy butt makes me smile, too.


Okay, this is really my favorite thing. Blessings. The Lord sure loves us when we're obedient.

This year has been rather difficult financially for various reasons, and our emergency fund is completely gone. We started paying more fast offerings during the time our income dropped the most this year, because we felt prompted to, and then were promised a return of blessings 10-fold or more if we did (long story, a member of the stake presidency said so). Not necessarily financial, but we are starting to see some of those blessings.

I met with the bishop a couple weeks ago about how things have been going (financially, not terribly well whenever hubby crashes like that). He gave me some advice, and I paid the tithing and fast offerings and left. I've been trying to follow his advice, and he's called a couple times to check up on us and see if we're okay and how my being obedient is going. I was looking at the bills, trying to figure out what absolutely HAS to be paid this week and what can wait another week, figured out how much $ we needed to pay tithing, fast offerings, those bills, and get groceries, etc. Hubby was told at work that they wouldn't get their quarterly bonuses this month because the company had lost a lot of money due to a huge flub at a different plant, and he was only able to work 32 hours last week, so I was praying last night to figure out how to get those bills paid, whether I'd need help or not, but who to turn to for that help if we needed it. I looked at the bank account this morning, and hubby's check was just over that dollar amount I'd figured out last night, because he still got his bonus. We are truly blessed. The other financial blessing coming our way is that I've been able to focus more at work and, since I'm paid on production, am back to making the money I used to make per hour, even if I'm still only able to work about 25 hours a week. Still better than a poke in the eye. So, in a few weeks, I think we'll be all caught up and can re-start our emergency fund.

Stepping out in faith and hope, things are coming together.


Kristina P. said...

This is a great example of financial blessings. I hope that things only go up from here!

musicmom said...

In the Lords due time. I have always had a hard time with that, but it seems like faith and patience always pay off.
I am glad it is working out. Here is hoping it keeps going up from here.