Friday, July 17, 2009


1. Lunch with Mamacita/kadyb and my kids today. Loved just us going out together. Hope she did too.

2. Mojo's first birthday is tomorrow! I can't believe my little monkey will be one in just a couple hours. Remembering back on the labor and his birth ... man ... I have to remember the miserable 8 months before that before I say, "Hey, let's get pregnant again!" (and then there's the whole thing with hubby not being stable on his meds right now -- so not wanting to get pregnant because of that).

3. Seeing so much of my family during their various visits this month. That has been very nice. Now back to real life and working more hours.

4. Hubby ... The docs at his new clinic are being quite helpful, and he's actually *going* to his appointments and getting help, even if he's grouchy about it, even if I have to be mean and make him get up and out of bed, even though I know he's thinking, "she's so mean! maybe if I curl up into the fetal position, she'll leave me alone." HA. He doesn't know how tenacious I can be, especially since he begged for the help again this time and the therapist and psychiatrist and I have all told him, "There are no loopholes. You have to do this." bwahaha. Anyway. I'm glad he loves me and the kids and wants to get help so he's okay. And we had to make an emergency withdrawal from one of the bank accounts he has through work so we could get the mortgage paid, which he was willing to do and pursued until we got the money, then reminded me to pay it. So funny, usually it's vice versa. Moving on...

5. My meeting with the bishop Sunday, where he told me to exercise greater faith ... Um ... I've been reading my scriptures more and doing the other things he suggested, and I feel more at peace, even though our financial picture is bleak at the moment. Hopefully we can get this all ironed out and get caught up on the bills again soon, and maybe if I have enough faith, it won't be too horrible in the interim. hahahaha.

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kadyb said...

Of course I enjoyed it. I miss having time with you and Lark (and now Mojo). I'm sorry the sewing didn't work out, but the Trek clothes are finished now, so we should be able to serge away on Monday...