Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Fave Five!

1. Visiting with my family the last couple of weeks. We haven't done much "fun" stuff, but have had fun together, if that makes sense. Went to Springville Art Museum with Mamabear today, with our kids and DisGrace's kids. That was fun. So was painting shirts and just chilling with everyone. I also had the first conversation I've had with my brother in my memory where no one wanted to punch the other, it was mutually respectful, and guns and knives were not mentioned or a main topic of conversation. Too bad it was this morning, right before he went out of town.

2. Late evening walks in the cool summer air with a friend while hubby was home with the baby and kiddo was at her cousins'.

3. The caring neighbor who brought me cookies Monday. Really.

4. Going a full day without dairy today made me realize that, even with Lactaid, I feel better without it, no matter how yummy something might taste. Too bad I started drinking Pepsi again out of stress -- the caffeine-induced palpitations aren't doing me any favors.

5. Took hubby to a new psychiatrist this morning, got him a new prescription and he sees his new therapist next week, talked with a social worker yesterday who told hubby some good things, have a visit with the bishop on Sunday, so even though some really crappy things happened this week, there is hope that we'll pull through it all. Woo.

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Kristina P. said...

That's great about your hubby.I hope things work out!