Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Just ... stuff.

Went to kiddo's Hope of America performance last night. She was in the chorus, did great and had fun, and hubby (!) braved the crowds and traffic (!!) at the Marriott Center to go with me and the kids. Awesome. They had some really cool dancing and some weird songs, but it worked I guess. And the kids had a blast doing it.

I took last night off work so I could go to my cardiologist this morning. I had surgery 3 years ago to fix something in my heart and the surgeon told me to go back every year. Well, today's echocardiogram looked so good, the cardiologist told me I don't need to go back for a new one every year. Wahoo!

I wore the baby in the wrap for two hours last night and apparently that was too long -- I'm tired and hurt now. Hopefully, I can get dinner made, the kitchen cleaned, the living room vacuumed (and laundry put away), then maybe a little lie-down before I work tonight.

But I missed Biggest Loser. I'm sad, but still glad we went to kiddo's performance as a family.

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