Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Fave Five!

Sooooooooooooo ...

1. Babies who take medicine without giving it back. In fact, when he saw the bottle of amoxicillin (y'know, the bubble gum flavored drug), he started asking for it and greedily drank down his dose and laughed. Kiddo never would've done that, and even if she had, it would've bounced (ew). lol.

2. Being able to go walking with some of the sisters in the ward 4 days this week. I've lived here what, 4 years? Since my one close friend moved last year, I don't feel like I have friends in the ward anymore. Today sort of changed that. Not that we're tight, but friends instead of just friendLY, if that makes sense.

3. *crossing fingers* something working out in YSIL's favor.

4. My mommy.

5. Reading the Book of Mormon again. Our relief society presidency challenged us to read it together and handed out a calendar. I'm back in the habit of reading, which is making a difference in my attitude and stuff. It's awesome.


Los Torrientes said...

YSIL having a kiddo? okay, okay, there's probably a reason it's cryptic. If it's Harris family, I'm all ears... hehe. I like that you have lots of blogs. which one should i read?

stewbert said...

Um, YSIL is my husband's little sister. I'm pretty cryptic on my blog and have nicknames for most people. lol.

This is the main blog, and this one is what you should probably read. Losing it is me and a bunch of friends trying to lose weight. The others are food blogs.

The Boob Nazi said...

being friends and being friendly are definitely two different things!